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Creativity & Innovation

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Creativity’ means ...

Generating ideas

Innovation’ means ...

Turning ideas into real, practical, value-adding solutions.

If you or your team are able to see the solution to a problem fairly quickly, due to your expert ability, technical knowledge and closeness to the issues then...

... you may need help!

Your current view of the situation may be holding you in a comfortable and predictable pattern of behaviour that stops you from seeing new possibilities and from realising the full creative potential of your team.

In a Blue Ice 'Funshop' You Will Learn How To…

  • Take a fresh look at your natural creativity capacity
  • Break rules, and in so doing, uncover fresh insights
  • Examine the oxymoronic process ‘structured, systematic creativity
  • Delay your natural impulses… to leap to a solution
  • Move beyond inadequate ‘Brainstorming’ to much more productive creativity tools
  • Follow a structured process in order to think laterally, even when you don’t think you’re creative
  • Use ‘Po’, ‘Reversal’, ‘Lubricants’ and ‘Random Entry’… legally and without harm to others

And very importantly:

  • Progress a real life issue or opportunity that you or your team are facing right now
  • Create more options than you could dream were possible in just 3 minutes
  • Engage in a re-enactment of ‘The Dragon’s Den’ to pitch your new innovation to a critical but interested audience, without getting chewed up and spat out!
  • Have more fun than you can comfortably handle in a day, whilst keeping your clothes on!

When it comes to creativity, BIC does not run workshops, we run 'Funshops'.

The atmosphere is fun, casual and relaxed, yet the purpose, intent and energy is finely focused. A heady mix of inspirational tools, practical application and working on real life issues and opportunities makes for an action packed and fun-filled day.


How Will Blue Ice Consulting Help You?

One of the first principles of creativity is to retain an open mind.

As the saying goes, ‘minds are like parachutes… they work best when they’re open.’

So, we’re open-minded about how specifically we can help you.

Click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab to begin the creative interchange of ideas, and we’ll parachute in our crack squad!