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Executive Coaching


A recent study of companies using executive coaches reported:

ROI per executive was six times the cost of coaching over a 6-12 month period

>60% of those being coached experienced increased job satisfaction

45% developed a greater commitment to their organisation

'Good' is the enemy of 'Great'

Imagine what it must be like to not only be the best in the world in your chosen profession, but astute enough to recognise that you can actually get better.

Imagine what it must be like to be good enough at your job so you are obliviously unaware of how much better you can be?

The world's best sports stars have personal coaches; are you as good at what you do as they are in their chosen professions? If not, perhaps you can similarly benefit from an external, insightful perspective?

What have you got to lose?

Oh yes... only about 1/6th of what you stand to gain!


Quotes from just three delighted senior-level coachees...

“The six months that I spent working with Jon enabled me to stand back more and focus on the big picture. By delegating more, I am now delivering more of what I am paid to deliver, and myself and my team are meeting our ambitious growth targets”    


Senior Manager – Global Travel Company

“To be honest, my life was in a mess. My work was consuming me and I’d lost perspective on what was important. After just three sessions I was able to re-appraise my position, and with the help of a confidential external ear, was able to put together a personal Action Plan for Change. Individual coaching has been one of the most impactful development activities I have ever engaged in – it literally saved my career and my marriage!’                 

 Director – International Telecoms  

“For me, the greatest benefit I gained from working with Jon was in learning how to manage my boss, and some particularly difficult colleagues. Jon’s insightful and timely advice, which comes from a deep knowledge of human nature and influencing skills and strategies, has enabled me to achieve huge changes in the way in which I work with my colleagues. I now have a great relationship with my boss too – worth its weight in gold!”

Middle Manager – UK Retail Bank


How Can Blue Ice Help You... Personally?

If you would like to find out more about how Blue Ice can personally help you to improve your own 'game', or to discuss a coaching programme for a wider range of individuals within your organisation... give us a call.

Did you know that it's now possible to find an executive coach for just £9.75 ?

Unfortunately, it will only take you one-way from Brighton to London Gatwick.

Also, I doubt you will have the same life-changing experience along the journey!