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Personal Impact and Influence



  • People within organisations who need to adopt a credible and confident approach in presenting themselves, their ideas, suggestions and proposals to others
  • Those who need to be able to influence widely within the organisation, often, and crucially, without the formal authority or position to do so
  • People who need to influence, persuade and negotiate with individuals, groups and small audiences to adopt specific ideas or take a particular courses of action
  • Group size 8 – 12 (max)




  • Assess your personality and communication preferences in relation to your current ability to impact and influence others
  • Explore the verbal and non-verbal components of Impact and Influence
  • Experiment with a wide continuum of influencing styles in order to significantly expand your ‘Influence Toolkit’
  • Work with specific influencing strategies in formulating, and experimenting with different approaches in real-life and work situations
  • Work upon a personally significant current influence situation, rehearse this, receive feedback, and plan for real-life implementation
  • Grow in personal confidence and capability in effectively influencing individuals, groups and an audience
  • Feel more powerful, influential and persuasive


Context and You
  • Components and behaviours of Personal Impact and Influence
  • Your personality and communication preferences in relation to influencing others
  • Personal ‘enablers’ and potential ‘hinderers’ in relation to influencing others

Influencing Tools

  • Influencing Spectrum - exploring 19 behaviours
  • 10 Influencing Strategies - exploring 10 key ways to influence others
  • 5 key assertive approaches and the likely consequences of using each in specific situations
  • Covey’s ‘Circles of Influence and Control’
  • Sources of Power in influence situations
  • Setting Influence Goals and Objectives
  • AIDA – a compelling group communication tool
  • Assertiveness Track – a powerful tool for 1:1 influence and feedback

Application, Exercises and Feedback

  • 1:1 Influencing exercises (multiple)
  • Group influence exercise
  • Influencing and creating an impact in front of an audience (mini-presentation)
  • All of the above involve planning, execution, observation and feedback


Theory and Practical Application

  • The workshop is highly interactive with a good balance of practical, workable theory and models, group discussion and lots of opportunities for application, practice and feedback.
  • The workshop culminates with each participant planning for, rehearsing and refining their approach to a real-life influence situation that they will take part in when back at work


Our 'Signature Dish'

Together with our negotiation skills workshops, this programme is one of the very best that we run.

If you would like to develop your employees to even greater powers of influence and persuasion why not pilot a 2-day programme in house for a group of up to 12 people?

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