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Latest articles from Jon Lavelle - 2014/15

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Negotiating Effectively Between Cultures


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If you need to negotiate with or simply work with people from cultures other than your own then this is a must read.

Even if you simply work alongside people from different cultures within your own office you should find inspiration and insights in this article.

Part 1 includes some of the best thinking and ideas of respected researchers, writers and practitioners in the field, plus some of my own experiences of working in 26 countries.

In part-2, we explore 19 important cultural sub-dimensions


6 Laws of Influence - part 2


Part 2 of the Influence Strategies article below

This completes the 2-part series focusing on the remaining 3 of Cialdini's 'Laws of Influence' focuses on:

  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Scarcity

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6 Laws of Influence - part 1

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Learn 3 Positive Human Influence Strategies

This pragmatic summary of the first 3 of Cialdini's 'Laws of Influence' focuses on:

  • Reciprocation
  • Commitment and Consistency
  • Social Proof

Learn how to avoid being negatively manipulated by others, and how to use these universal principles to positively influence others with authenticity and good intent.



Mind Games

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Dealing With Psychological Mind Games

It's human nature to play 'mind games'; in fact they can serve a useful purpose

But how do you respond when people play psychological games of a more manipulative nature?


Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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Talent Management and Leadership Succession Planning

2/3rds of organisations do some form of identification of human potential, but less than 1/6 are satisfied with their procedures.

Here, by focusing upon an organisation's competitive advantage, Jon gives his own take on how companies today can identify potential and pick the winners of the future.



Who's the Boss?

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It's not what happens to you, but rather how you respond to events that matters in life.

This article explores how in control you are of your life, how you think about things, people and events, and how you allow (or refuse to allow) other's to make you feel.

Jon draws inspiration from Viktor Frankl, a famous Nazi war camp survivor, and ends with six practical tips to help you take greater control over your life, to increase the number and range of responses available to you, and ultimately to achieve greater success and happiness.