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Leadership Development

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“Are great leaders born or made?”…

Oh please!...

With Blue Ice Consulting you can forget the tired clichés of run-of-the-mill, so called ‘leadership programmes’.

We do one pure and simple thing…

We take your current and aspiring Leaders and give them the knowledge, tools, skills and motivation to uncover and develop their true leadership potential.

We use a time-proven formula... a ‘formula’, not a cliché that has been designed, and proven to work!


The Blue Ice Leadership Development Formula:

We employ a model that has proven to work with many blue chip organisations for many years.

Rather disarmingly, we call it the ‘onion model, because that’s what it looks like – an onion, as it starts with the inner ‘ring’ which is ‘yourself’, and culminates with the outer ring, managing change in an uncertain world.

The Blue Ice ‘Onion Model’ of Leadership Development
  • Get to know yourself; your personality, your natural style, your likes and dislikes, your inspirators and irritators, and in particular, your communication preferences in terms of delivery and reception.
  • Understand how to communicate 1:1 with individuals, in particular, how to communicate effectively with a wide range of different personality types; often simultaneously.
  • Learn how to apply one of the most successful approaches to leading, directing, supporting and motivating individuals in business; in short, how to lead people effectively?
  • Learn how to lead a team; to understand the stage to which they have progressed, or regressed as a team, their varying needs and wants, frustrations and conflicts, and how you can take them from A (here and now) to B (desired future position), as effortlessly and enjoyably as possible, without collateral damage to yourself or those around you?
  • Realise that your role as Leader means ‘change agent’. This is what the future’s all about. Your success personally, and that of your team, depends upon your ability to lead and mange them through change. That, after all, is what you’re paid for… isn’t it?

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How Will Blue Ice Consulting Help You?

Does this resonate with you at a macro level?

Do you feel your leadership development programme is in need of refreshing, or simply want to kick around some ideas in the area of leadership and management effectiveness?


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