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Management & Leadership Development



                        "Effective Managers do things Right.

                       Effective Leaders do the Right Things".

                                                                   Peter Drucker


                             "Leadership means Going There First...

                           ... just like the penguin above"

                                                                        Jon Lavelle

Sample Projects

  • Trained 350 managers in the Core Leadership Development Curriculum of a global Telecomm’s market leader - with good/excellent feedback in all cases
  • Designed, developed and rolled out a bespoke Management Development Programme for a global petroleum logistic organisation, with delivery to multi-cultural audiences across Europe, Americas and Asia
  • Introduced and managed 360° Appraisal Process for Board Level and Senior Managers, including anonymous collection of both quantitative and qualitative information. Feedback to managers resulted in demonstrable individual benefits, and significant behavioural change
  • Sourced External Coaches / Mentors for Board Level and Senior Managers – success judged by the fact that many of these relationships are still ongoing
  • Acted as External Executive Coach to 75 managers and leaders, across a wide range of client organisations and industries – typical duration of coaching assignment being 3-6 months
  • Designed, developed and delivered Sales Management Programme for leading Biotech company during a period of significant growth and change; latterly extended to include training in Advanced Sales Training for field-based sales force


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