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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


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NLP has been described as the art and science of human excellence.

Many NLP tools and techniques are immensely powerful, and have been proven to work time and time again, creating success in both business and personal situations, and in promoting excellence in general.

Unfortunately, there’s also a good deal of 'barmy old tosh' out there!

We focus on the tools that work, and are of direct and immediate benefit in areas such as communications, sales, influence, negotiation, rapport-building, goal setting and achievement.

If it works we use it, and we generally know what works; if it doesn’t we bin it – it’s as simple as that!

Learn How To…

  • Build rapport quickly and effectively, and maintain this even when disagreeing
  • Quickly build solid personal and business relationships
  • Develop empowering beliefs that positively impact upon your results
  • Transform negative emotions into powerfully positive states
  • Take control of your thinking and the thinking of others
  • Develop greater flexibility in your own style
  • Use language to influence others
  • Prevent other people from using language to unfairly influence you
  • Use questions to gather meaningful information and to enable change
  • Clarify and uncover what has been left out or distorted in communication
  • Develop more persuasive communication skills
  • Increase your own level of performance
  • Inspire, lead and motivate others
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals
  • Influence change in yourself and in others


How Will Blue Ice Consulting Help You?

If you are seeking personal development for key individuals, particularly those working within sales, negotiation or communication fields, or more wide-reaching leadership and change management interventions, then give us a call.

Blue Ice Consulting can introduce you to the most innovative NLP tools to help achieve change at individual, team and organisational level.

  Neuro Linguistic Programming