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Vision, Mission and Values

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Organisational core elements of






... are vital to your ability to communicate clearly and consistently with your customers, shareholders, community, and employees.

Why are Values Critical to Organisations?

Values, Vision, and Mission are crucial to setting a clear, understandable, and easily communicated direction for your organisation, your employees, customers and investors.

The more clearly you can articulate your high-level goals from the beginning, the less time and resources you will spend trying to fix poor communication, alignment, employee engagement, and unwanted cultural artifacts like destructive political networks.

Major sources of conflict and disillusionment within organisations are due to mismatched values, having a dramatic impact upon organisational effectiveness , and hence long term success and profitability.

Values in organisations are embedded and 'revealed' in aspects such as the...

  • Degree to which people are individually-focused or team-oriented?
  • Amount of formality of the working environment and behaviours?
  • 'Power distance' between levels of the organisation?
  • Amount of freedom of decision-making (empowerment) versus top down control?

These aspects, and others, have an impact upon goal setting, achievement of individual and group objectives, and the health of team-working within and between departments.

When you recognise the guiding force that core Values provide, your strategic goals and tactical plans will be more aligned, streamlined, and easier to communicate to all stakeholders. Organisational life becomes easier!


Blue Ice consulting's work in this area:

  • Facilitated process to develop new Vision, Mission & Values for global logistics organisation in unprecedented phase of growth
  • Designed and rolled out Global Employee Survey to 2,500 worldwide staff, 75% of which are based at sea, achieving an unprecedented 95% response rate
  • Designed process to embed and 'bring to life' existing Organisation Values for global leader in medical devices, and rolled out Values Workshops on a global platform
  • Devised and rolled out end-to-end process to completely overhaul a company's existing, poorly defined, and 'out of date' values; refreshing and invigorating the employees in the process and leading to a 'sea change' in customer perceptions
  • Designed the content of an internal 'Employee Annual Report', aligning behaviours and successes with company Values; positive feedback from staff led to this becoming an annual initiative


How Will Blue Ice Consulting Help You?

What are your organisational Values?

Are they defined, talked about, and aligned with all of your important processes?

Are they lived and breathed by leaders, managers and staff in the way the whole 'organisational machine' works?

Do you get a sense that everyone in your organisation is aligned, congruent, and in tune with who you are, what you stand for, and how you intend to do business?

If not, then the most value-able use of your next 10 minutes is to pick up the phone...