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1:1 Presentation Skills Coaching

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"The average person at a funeral would rather be in the coffin than speaking the eulogy."

Jerry Seinfeld


"A great presentation is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after."

Ann Morrow Lindbergh


Crucible moments in your career!

If there's one thing that distinguishes people in business, gets them noticed, enables them to shine above the crowd (literally) and accelerates their career, it is the ability to present confidently and convincingly in front of an audience.

So, how do you stack up in terms of...

  • Confidence on your feet, particularly in front of discerning critical audiences?
  • Being inspirational, engaging and motivating when presenting to groups?
  • Delivering powerful and persuasive messages?
  • Convincing, motivating and moving people to action?

If you think there's room for improvement then I GUARANTEE to take you from wherever you're starting from, and coach you to a position where you will amaze and delight yourself with how confident, powerfully persuasive and inspirational you can be in commanding the attention, respect and following of any audience.


"The personal change and advancement that I achieved with my 1:1 coaching in presentation skills was nothing short of astounding!"

Head of Strategy - Financial Services

How do we do this?

With presentation skills there is no substitute for intensive practice, combined with focused feedback, review and improvement.

When coaching individuals 1:1 we block out 2 or 3 days over an agreed period of time, during which we work intensively on a real-life, real-time, important upcoming presentation.

If you're not working towards a real-life, important presentation then I suggest you save your money.

I know from experience that when you have 'skin in the game' (you know you're going to be 'on stage' in a few weeks time) your focus energy and commitment will be 100%.


I absolutely know I can help in these situations as I've actively coached many other people facing similar 'crucible career moments'.

Don't forget, I've been there too in my earlier career, and now as an experienced key note conference speaker I passionately want you to succeed too.


"Jon's use of video feedback was immensely powerful, as the camera does not lie, and it's amazing to see how I really come across to an audience, compared with my own perception, and to see myself improving from take to take!"

Sales Director - Telecomms Corporation


Video Feedback, Plus Tips and Techniques from an Experienced 'Key Note' Presenter

When we work 1:1 you can forget standard, formulaic training content and outcomes.

Everything we do and work on is 100% driven by you, the client, in terms of the things that you personally need to work on to move from a position of 'good' to 'great'.


As your personal coach I work on you, your material, your style and communication skills, and employ the 3rd party objective eye of the digital video camera to record, review and significantly improve your presentation, both visually and audibly.

When was the last time you heard or saw yourself?         A day in front of the camera could be ' eye-opening'.

I will also help you with visuals, content, and a myriad of ideas for ways of communicating key messages and actively engaging an audience.

I will challenge you, I will provoke you, I will build your confidence and ability. At the end of this, you will have been 'through the mill', but you will be fitter, stronger, more confident and so in command of your material and your audience that you won't be able to wait to 'get out there'!


How Will Blue Ice Consulting Help You?

This is a very 'personal' thing.

It's not about corporate, organisational development and grand strategies.

It's basically about you and me working together to make you as good as you can possibly be in front of an audience, and very importantly, in you enjoying the experience of getting there, and embedding a sequence of skills that you will carry with you for the rest of your life!

So, grab that cup of 'black coffee' and give me a call.