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Talent Management & Succession Planning



"The most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent.

It's also the resource in shortest supply.

Are you ready to fight for your fair share?"

Ed Michaels – McKinsey Co


Sample Projects

  • Designed, developed and managed Talent Management process in matrixed, global business
  • Developed ‘Spotlight’ process for Identification of Top Talent, and Management of Low Performers. Organisation hit its targets for 100% retention of top performers, and 100% attrition of low performers
  • Developed Succession Planning process to track ‘Critical Positions’ and reduce business exposure. Organisation has significantly reduced number of vacant or exposed critical positions
  • Contributed towards the design and development of a Competency Framework for leading pharmaceutical company, linked to Appraisal and Career Planning
  • Developed Top Talent Development Planning process for global organisation with dispersed workforce – the simplicity and pragmatic nature of the solution facilitated clear understanding of individual’s career pathways, strengths, development areas and action planning
  • Designed and implemented Talent Management Commentary 'One Stop Shop' approach to encapsulating all key data on HiPo / LoPo and other critical positions within global organisation


How Blue Ice Consulting Can Help you win the 'War for Talent'

If you would like to find out more about how to...

  • Attract
  • Retain
  • Motivate
  • Develop

... and reap the rewards of a highly committed, capable and engaged workforce, contact us for an initial discussion.


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