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Water Off a Duck’s Back

2nd edition now published

How to deal with Frustrating Situations, Irritating,

Unreasonable and Manipulative People...

...and Keep Smiling!


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Paperback - 302 pages
ISBN: 978-0955956409

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Learn How To…

  • Win more arguments
  • Deal with workplace bullies, irritating, awkward and exasperating people
  • Deal effectively with 'unreasonable' people and counter their demands in a professional manner
  • Take greater control over how you think about situations and events - explore psychological strategies and secrets known only by a tiny minority
  • Respond to people and circumstances in ways that leave you laughing with tears, not crying!
  • Spot people who manipulate, use verbal tricks or play ‘mind games’, and respond professionally and potently to neutralise or reverse their impact
  • Deal decisively with people who exaggerate, make unfair judgements or dubious connections, distort facts, spread rumours, or twist things to suit their own ends
  • Build strong, unshakeable confidence in your ability to deal with anything that people and life throw at you
  • Develop mental mastery and peak psychological fitness
  • Be happier - knowing you’re in control


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              Water off a Duck’s Back

“One of the best personal development books
we’ve come across for some time”
David Bowman:  Anglo-American Books


“The psychological equivalent of an end of day double Gin & Tonic – ‘Water off a Duck’s Back’ will change your life”
Paul McGee:  Author & KeynoteSpeaker


“Fantastic stuff, a bloody good read and

funny too - the air stewardess had to

ask me to stop laughing out loud!”
Stephanie McKusky:
Primehouse Books



“My boss was making my life hell.

Now I've evened the 'playing field' he doesn't know what's happened ...

Thanks Jon you've changed my life!
Anonymous: Public Service Organisation

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